• From the traffic lights (yes, there is only one:)) in Burns Lake,

       travel East 6.2km along highway 16. (Towards Prince George)

  • Turn left off Highway 16 onto Tintagel Road.

          (You will see the white Bakers Acres sign on the left hand side of the hwy)

  • Follow Tintagel Road 2.8km, turn left at #7320 Bakers Acres.


If you continue east along Tintagel Road you will meet highway 16.





Brandie Baker
Jason Brockley

Reservations/Appointments can ONLY

 be made via phone/text:


This streamlines your booking and gives you the priority you deserve.

Exceptions to this are made for people without cell phones or internet access.

We make every effort to answer the phone during working hours (10am-3pm). Often these hours are very busy...please be patient and understand that "we" are only one person and will answer your call as soon as our hands are free.

Online booking is available on demand

Questions/Concerns/Comments can be directed to:

Bakers Acres facebook page, messenger, email, text, phone.... 


Thank-you for your interest in Bakers Acres. We will do our best to reply as soon as we can. This is not our main form of communication so it may take a few days. We appreciate your patience.




"Brandie is amazing!!!! She has so much love for animals and I know my babies are in great hands. She plays, snuggles, and treats them all like her own." - Laura Stewart -