Daycare runs 7 days a week.

Drop off times are by pre-arranged appointment only.

Daycare teaches important life skills

and provides basic necessities:

It reduces problem behaviours by providing vigorous exercise and

safe, appropriate socialization of all kinds.

It provides your dog with a change of routine and scenery

and lots of TLC while you are away.








Daycare dogs are grouped and organised according to:

size, temperament, breed, age and weather conditions.

Regular daycare clients receive benefits including, but not limited to:

Discounts, Priority Boarding, Grooming and Training.

Boarding policies apply.

Bakers Acres reserves the right to refuse service to aggressive/destructive dogs.

Daycare rate per day $20

Regular Daycare (min 4 days/month)

                   1 DOG: 1 day/week = $60/month                                   2 DOGS: 1 day/week = $100/month         

                                2 days/week = $100/month                                                2 days/week = $160/month

                                3 days/week = $160/month                                                3 days/week = $240/month

                                4+ days/week = $220/month                                              4+ days/week = $320/month



COVID-19 Precautions

NO ENTRY on property


Hand-washing stations

Staff wear masks

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