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 "Baker's Acres is a fabulous place to leave your pet for their own staycation as you know they are in excellent hands. Whether our dog is there for the spa treatment day or for an overnight stay, we know she is well looked after and will get plenty of exercise and attention."

- Tina Pedersen Giesbrecht -

Breed Specific


Bath & Brush

Cat Shave

"Let your imagination guide you!"

Fun Styling Options

Hair & Nail color

Doggie "Tattoos"








"Not only did my pup have a great time at day care for a groom, when he stayed over during the holidays, he was treated like their own...even came home smelling like gingerbread! Best service in a groomer/kennel we've had!"

- Lindsay Neilson -

Grooming Prices  in effect September 1, 2016

Small Dogs:           Large Dogs:          

Single Coat:                 Single Coat: 

Bath/Brush/Tidy     $50             Bath/Brush/Tidy      $90

Clip Down                $55              Clip Down                  $100

Breed Cut                 $60              Breed Cut                   $120

Double Coat:              Double Coat:

Bath/Brush/Tidy   $55             Clip Down                 $150

Clip Down              $60              


Cat shave               $35          

We no longer bath/brush large dogs with double or extreme coats. 


are made at

9am, 10am and 11am

Pickup times depend on 

dog behaviour,

dog breed,

desired style,

and kennel management.

The Bakers Acres "Bus" is available for transportation

Monday's, Wednesday's & Friday's.

We offer at your door service, in town limits  

between 8:00am-8:30am and again at 4:00pm-4:30pm


Town limits are defined as:

South on Hwy 35 to the Island Gospel Fellowship Church

West on Hwy 16 to the Sunshine Inn

East on Hwy 16 to the Industrial Site

North on Babine Road to 0.5km



Defining Characteristics:__________________________________________________

Owner Instructions:______________________________________________________

________________________________________________Same as last time:_______


1. Face style:___________________________________________________________

2. Teeth:_______________________________________________________________

3. Ear style: Puppy____Blunt____Shaved____Other____________________________

          Healthy & Clean (left as is)_______________Plucked______Clipped__________

          Full Clean_______Dry Cotton_______Wet Cotton_______Medicated__________         


4. Body Style: One length______Breed Specific______Other______________________

5. Leg Style: Cylinder____Daisy____Breed Specific____Shaved____Long/natural_____

6. Foot style: Natural_______Poodle______Pads: Shaved_______Scissored_________

7. Nails clipped____Issues:________________________________________________

8. Tail style: Squirrel____Blunt____Shaved_____Flag_____Natural_____Breed_______


9. Shampoo: Whitening____Darkening____Other_______________________________

          Medicated:________________________________________Owner provided:____

10. Glands: Last done:___/___/___ Previous Issues:________________NOT done:____


10. Blades: Body___________Legs___________Face___________Head___________ ______________________________________________________________________


Cologne used:__________________________________________________________

Bandana/Bow used:______________________________________________________

Notes:_________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________


Owner: ___________________________________

 Pet:      ___________________________________


 Date: _____________________________________

 Price: ____________________________________

At Bakers Acres we understand the importance of accurate paperwork for many reasons, most important for your pets health and well being. This form is used by Bakers Acres to ensure continuity from one haircut to the next and during different seasons.

A copy of this grooming report is put in Bakers Acres files and is available to you upon request.

You may see your dog scooting, shaking his head, or itching after his groom. This form may be able to explain these behaviours. for example if your dogs ears were given a full clean he may shake his head for a few days to clear the cleaning solution. This form will also reiterate verbal recommendations such as ear infections that require veterinary assistance.

This form may also be useful to take to your vet visit so that the professionals can assess your pups condition with accurate first hand information. For example, his ears have built up gunk in the 2 days since a full clean, indicating an issue.

Every dog is different and every groom is different depending on their needs.

Form may not be exactly as shown.

Humanity before Vanity

“Matting” refers to tangled clumps of fur in a pet’s coat. Mats can form in both the outer coat as well as the sometimes unnoticed deeper undercoat. Severe matting is painful during brushing by causing live hairs to be pulled out of the skin. Even mild matting can cause pain. Due to the weight of large mats that can pull and loosen the skin, underneath can be tender, irritated skin that is vulnerable to clippers. De-matting requires a professional groomer demonstrating a slow, careful process and an extremely patient dog.


Matting can cut off blood supply to extremities, and deny air circulation. Skin under mats can become irritated with open sores that can easily become infected and emit foul odors. Parasites can get cozy between matted fur and skin causing your pet frustration and family infestation.  Even organic matter, like grass, sticks, dirt and weeds can become embedded in the skin. Mats can contain stool and become home to fly larvae that can further irritate the skin.

Bakers Acres does not demat. We are more than happy to shave the nuisance mats off with your permission, providing your pets joyous relief!

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