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 "Baker's Acres is a fabulous place to leave your pet for their own staycation as you know they are in excellent hands. Whether our dog is there for the spa treatment day or for an overnight stay, we know she is well looked after and will get plenty of exercise and attention."

- Tina Pedersen Giesbrecht -

Base Haircut $55

Hourly Rate $30

Cat shave $35

Haircut includes bath, brush, dry, style, nails, ears, glands by request.

Fun styles included by request.

Additional charges for breed specific styles, muzzling, external parasite treatment, missed appointment.

We do not groom large double coated dogs or do full body dematting.

Breed Specific


Bath & Brush

Cat Shave

"Let your imagination guide you!"

Fun Styling Options

Hair & Nail color

Doggie "Tattoos"








"Not only did my pup have a great time at day care for a groom, when he stayed over during the holidays, he was treated like their own...even came home smelling like gingerbread! Best service in a groomer/kennel we've had!"

- Lindsay Neilson -


Humanity before Vanity

“Matting” refers to tangled clumps of fur in a pet’s coat. Mats can form in both the outer coat as well as the sometimes unnoticed deeper undercoat. Severe matting is painful during brushing by causing live hairs to be pulled out of the skin. Even mild matting can cause pain. Due to the weight of large mats that can pull and loosen the skin, underneath can be tender, irritated skin that is vulnerable to clippers. De-matting requires a professional groomer demonstrating a slow, careful process and an extremely patient dog.


Matting can cut off blood supply to extremities, and deny air circulation. Skin under mats can become irritated with open sores that can easily become infected and emit foul odors. Parasites can get cozy between matted fur and skin causing your pet frustration and family infestation.  Even organic matter, like grass, sticks, dirt and weeds can become embedded in the skin. Mats can contain stool and become home to fly larvae that can further irritate the skin.

Bakers Acres does not demat. We are more than happy to shave the nuisance mats off with your permission, providing your pets joyous relief!