The kennel may be closed

on short notice to allow

for personal family time.


$25/day (overnight)

$20/day (daycare)

Room Rates:

$42/day (2 dogs)

$63/day (3 dogs)


Cats (Summer ONLY):


Room Rates:

$25/day (2 cats)

$37/day (3 cats)

(All necessities included)


Additional Fees:

Food: $5/day

Intact: $5/day



All prices include GST.

We accept cash, cheque or e-transfer

the day of pick-up.





"Best place to leave your furry friends!

It's like a 5 star hotel for dogs!

You can spend your holidays at ease

knowing they're in the best hands ever! Thanks Brandie! Love Bakers Acres Kennel!!!!"  

- Stacey Oldfield -




Check out at 11am

Pets picked up before 11am will not be charged for that day.





Prices in effect January 1, 2020