We use modern training techniques to get results!

We can show you different types of training and give you a "Martha Stewart catalogue"

of ideas so you can find that one piece that works for you and your pup.

We use the most appropriate and effective methods for praise and correction.


We concentrate on connection though massage, games and focus training.

This connection comes with the responsibility of being your dog's mentor and

you will learn the importance of appropriate boundaries and release.


We can teach you basic commands for walk, sit, stay, down, wait, leave it....and the

different ways they can be taught to suit your individual needs.

We encourage the entire family to participate in lessons and can gear language to pre-readers.


We will concentrate on stopping issue behaviours before they start.

We show you how to create strong relationship that is the foundation of success and

create a well behaved dog that can be trained easily.

Private Training Classes

Behaviour Based

Weather Dependant


Owner driven classes held at Bakers Acres Kennels...appointments made around your schedule.