Behaviour Based Class

BBOT - Behaviour Based Obedience Training 

On Demand dates-min. 7 participants

Monday's 5:30-6:30pm
Margaret Patrick Memorial Hall








In this behaviour based training class we will go over all general types of training. We give you a "Martha Stewart catalogue" of ideas so you can find what works for you and your pup. You will learn the most appropriate and effective methods for praise and correction.


We use 19 years of experience to teach you connection though massage, games and focus training. This connection comes with the responsibility of being your dog's mentor and you will learn the importance of boundaries and release.


You will learn basic commands for walk, sit, stay, down, wait, leave it....and the different ways they can be taught to suit your individual needs. We gear lessons to children of all ages and include sections of handouts that are infographics appropriate for pre-reading levels.


Our lessons will be participant driven and can veer off course to deal with problem behaviours, concerns and questions. We will concentrate on issue behaviours during the last class and learn from each other in a group discussion.


Each class will include information on fun brain teaser activities to show you that you can challenge them easily, effectively and create strong relationships that are the foundation of success.

We teach you to create a well behaved dog that can be trained easily.

In order to obtain a certificate you must complete and hand in all required home work.



OT - Obedience Training - Class 2

On demand dates - min. 7 participants


Margaret Patrick Memorial Hall

We begin this class by going into more depth about the basic concepts we learned in BBOT. We learn the science behind "Meeting them 1/2 way" and modern vs. traditional training methods.

We will further the ideals of  focus on handler, social dog skills and control around strangers. We continue to use the concepts we learned in BBOT gaining confidence and strength in our bond with our dogs and perfecting our life-saving commands.

This class is a pre-requisite to move on to Agility and will review the basic commands required.  Come out and quickly earn your right to jump into Agility with or without BBOT.



On demand dates - min. 7 participants
Margaret Patrick Memorial Hall


The Obedience Training (OT) certificate is a pre-requisite for Agility.

We continue to use and strengthen the concepts we learned in BBOT and OT.

This Agility class will start work on desensitising your dog to the agility equipment. Our focus will include the basic course: Weave poles, Dogwalk, Standard jumps, Pause table, Tunnel, Tire jump and Teeter boards.

We concentrate on directional commands and off leash work in a controlled environment.

The bond and focus we have with our dogs at the end of this class is intense and life changing. You will understand each other on a level you never thought possible. Forget the old days of worrying about which shoes will be destroyed when you got home! Instead delight in the knowledge you can pass on to friends and family who marvel at your skills!


Weekend Training Workshops

are available upon demand. $150 Must have 6 prepaid participants to set a date.

Workshops run Saturday and Sunday.


There is no doggie age limit to participate as we train YOU to train your dog.

We strongly recommend current vaccinations including kennel cough.

Dogs participating do so at their own risk.


Online Training

is available on demand. $150

Short videos allow you to work in your space, in your time, at your pace.

A great place to post questions and learn from each other. With strong support, ongoing reminders and easy's everything you've ever needed.

Print and fil out the Assessment worksheet and bring it with you to the first class.

"The photo's seen above were taken by my talented son Michael"
-his proud Mom-

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